Over the 4th of July weekend, my wife, best friend and myself went over to Lonetree Reservoir just south of Loveland to go fishing at night. We wanted to catch some catfish just for fun. We didn't end up catching a single thing, or even a bite for that matter. I did however catch a couple of crayfish and took a video of it! I completely forgot about the video until I was looking through my photos this afternoon.

Catching these little buggers reminded me of when I was a kid. During the summer, we went down to a nearby creek just to catch some crayfish. I kept a couple as pets out in the backyard where I had an aquarium. they were fun to catch and we probably caught about 50 a day. This video was kind of like watching an old family video... Except I am a fully gown adult now. It was fun... But I really wished we would have caught some fish!