It has been a 36 year hunt... Every time we go up to the mountains, there is a hope that I would see a bear for the first time ever in the wild. Well, last week that happened! My mom, sister and niece came in from Jacksonville for a visit over the Fourth of July and of course we had to go to Rocky Mountain National Park. We spent a good portion of the day in Estes Park, RMNP and Grand Lake. When it was time to go home, we headed back over Trail Ridge road as the sun started to go down. Twilight was upon us as we came off of Trail Ridge and we rounded a corner, where we had to come to a sudden stop. I am looking to the right, thinking "did these people really stop because of a fallen tree?" then I looked to the right and there it was in all of its glory.... An adolescent brown bear! I was so excited to see it. All of us took it in, until some jackhole in a white Ford F150 decided to blare its horn driving by and then the moment was gone. BUT I GOT TO SEE A BEAR, for the first time ever!

Matt Sparx

We weren't close enough to get a great picture, but you can clearly see this little bear's butt!