Take it from someone in high school-- I am not excited for class to be back in session, and even though it was not easy to think of the good side of it, here are the few that I could think I am not dreading starting the new year of school!

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    Getting New School Supplies

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    There's nothing better than getting new notebooks and pens to start fresh during the school year. Although mine get very disorganized very quick, I like picking them out and having them nice and neat to start with.

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    Getting to see your Friends

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    Maybe during the summer you have a job or traveling, but at least during the school year you can see your friends every day!

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    You are getting Closer and Closer to Graduating!

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    You are just getting closer and closer to were you want to be, either to get into that college that you want, or getting that job that you've been looking forward to! High school goes by really fast in my opinion, so the faster it goes the closer I get to leaving it.

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    Getting to either play or Watch that Sport you couldn't in the Summer

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    School sports are a lot of fun, the rallies, rooting for your friends, etc. Even if you aren't a huge sports fan it's also just fun to go because the environment is a lot of fun to hang around at!

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    Learning New Things?

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    Although a lot of the things we learn we don't seem would be useful, or we just don't like learning about them, but some classes we take are a lot of fun to be in. For everyone it's different what they like. Personally I'm a fan of Art classes, PE, and free periods.