James Holmes, who was found guilty on 24 counts of murder, now faces his sentencing. I am torn between life without parole or the death sentence.

There is no denying that James Holmes is one of the most heinous, despicable, dirt bags in Colorado's history of killers, if not the entire nation.

To refresh your memory, Holmes walked into a movie theater in Aurora back in July, 2012 with 400 people. He threw a bunch of gas canisters and then calmly opened fire with a semi-automatic Glock pistol, a shotgun and an AR-15 assault rifle which pumped out about 50 rounds a minute.

He killed 12 and attempted to kill another 70. Holmes was charged for "murder after deliberation" and "murder after extreme indifference" on the 12 whom he killed and found guilty on all counts.

So today, jurors began deliberations on the fate of James Holmes and this is where I have problems. I am all for the death penalty, but at the same time, I also think it's sometimes too easy. If a person who commits a murder wants to be executed, why give them the pleasure? Of course his defense is an "insanity" plea...

I think in a lot of cases, they want to be executed so they don't have to spend the rest of their lives thinking about what they did and have to live with the guilt.

I don't know about you, but a 27-year-old could spend potentially 70 years in prison to sit and dwell on what he did. Of course everyone will say "death penalty" because it's cheaper and why keep him incarcerated at taxpayer expense. In reality, this mental monster will spend decades on death row anyway, so, maybe we all win?

The coward should have just taken his own life on that fateful day in 2012. I personally tend to lean toward shoving a dirty needle in his arm and fill him full of death by lethal injection, but is it too easy? Does he deserve a painless death?