One of the biggest things that drew me to move from the west coast was Colorado's beautiful outdoor life.

The opportunities for outdoor adventures are endless — hiking, fishing, swimming, biking, rafting, climbing, archery and much more. Instagram-worthy pristine mountain view often accompanies all of the fun.

Being a novice, however, can be intimidating for someone looking to take on the outdoor hobbies in the high elevation of Colorado. Where do you even start?

Fortunately, I discovered a massive Jax Outdoor Gear store in Fort Collins.

The Colorado-based regional outdoor chain has been family-owned and operating for more than five decades. Jax has friendly in-store experts eager to help beginners like me as well as aid hobbyists looking to up their skills even further.

The experts at Jax will also be helping Jordan and I take on outdoor adventures in the coming months. Listeners will get the chance to learn right along with us.

The first is learning to stand-up paddle board on Fort Collins' iconic Horsetooth Reservoir on Saturday, July 27. Enter for a chance to enjoy the outdoors with us.