Being brand new to the sport of golf, I'm not comfortable for a nine- or 18-hole round quite yet.

But as I've been working on my swing, I may have found something even better anyways with Games on the Range at Mariana Butte.

The Loveland golf course takes the driving range to a fun, new level. There's different challenges like golf Tic-Tac-Toe, 21, H.O.R.S.E., Climb The Ladder or just a unique round target practice.

A pristine mountain backdrop makes for perfect sunset views. Unlike a full round of traditional golf, you never have to carry your clubs or get into a golf cart.

Even better, the food and drink menu from the adjacent Wapiti Colorado Pub is available and served right to the tables at your bay — their nachos were seriously my perfect idea of a power snack.

Each bay can fit up to six people and are rented out by the hour. It's $25 an hour for a single bay or $40 an hour for a double bay. Reservations are accepted by calling 970-667-8308. Games on the Range is available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Labor Day.

Games on the Range participants get unlimited range balls. Clubs are provided but you can also bring your own.

The experience is much less stressful and intimidating than a full round of golf. It's perfect for beginners like me, families, date nights or team-building events. It makes golf much more casual and approachable.