I have been very fortunate in life to surround myself with some amazing people.  Vickie Downing is a long story on how she came into my life but let's just say that I have again been blessed.

Vickie Downing is a native of Texas and transplanted to Colorado years ago.  She came into my life when Journey 4 Justice was formed back in June of 2011.  Being from Texas she knew a bunch of friends and extended family would want to do what we did in Topeka KS and so Texas 3 was born headed by Gary Fortner.

I write this post today to share some of Vickie's thoughts.  She is a great writer and I wish I had her skills, but I don't. Today I wanted to start a new feature that hopefully she will jump on board with called "Vickie's Corner" and today's feature piece is her thoughts on the new gun legislation passed today here in Colorado.

Well here is my knee jerk reaction since that's pretty much how we deal with things these days, especially in the state house of Colorado where reason and intellect, not to mention integrity have all but left the building. 

James Madison said, "There are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by the gradual and silent encroachment of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpation." 

Make no mistake – that is the only way to see the gun legislation that passed into law today in Colorado – usurpation. If one shred of evidence or a scientific study (which I might add the lawmakers ramming this bill home refused to consider) could be offered up as proof that requiring extended background checks, limiting a weapon’s capacity or making law abiding citizens culpable for the actions of the criminal element would make our volatile world any safer – I believe most people would actually take a hard look at it. 

But the fact is, what our lawmakers are selling is a particularly low-minded brand of deceit that alludes to a false sense of security. Any abridgement to the freedoms prescribed by the law of the land and the law of Colorado is not an inconvenience – it is a crime against country and state. Vickie Downing/Fort Collins CO

As another Texan friend, Nubbin Johnston told me, "You can take the girl out of Texas but you can't take Texas out of the girl."  Feel free to leave your comments for Vickie directly below and as always, please keep things clean and friendly.

Vickie Downing is a geographically challenged Texan now living in Fort Collins – She loves books and rides on the Harley.  Her support for our Veterans and the Military goes above and beyond and she bleeds red-white and blue everyday. Check back next week for another topical view of the world today.