I admit one of my guilty pleasures is Dancing With the Stars and last night the theme was “Guilty Pleasures”, how fitting.  It was Len Goodman’s birthday and the night was full of memorable moments.

Kendra Wilkinson jumped on the judges table and shimmied in front of Len which made him comment “the more you shake, the more I palpitate”. Then there was Bruno laying on the table saying “you got me Kendra”, Mark Ballas working through an injury, Karina taking a fall and the first 10’s of the season.

Here is my recap of the nights activities. Kirstie Alley and a clean shaven Maksim Chmerkovskiy were very entertaining to the judges with their samba. I didn’t think she did anything special but the judges said she was great and gave them a 26.

WWE star Chris Jericho did a very stiff Paso Doble according to Bruno. He kind of ripped into Chris and the other judges got on him a bit for it but I think he was right. I thought he might jump the table and put Bruno in a headlock but he kept his cool. Chris did look more like a wrestler than a dancer last night and they did have the lowest score with a 22 and nobody even fell.

In rehearsals right before the show aired last night, Mark Ballas severely twisted his ankle and his partner Chelsea Kane didn’t know if he would be able to perform, not only did he perform, they received the first 10 of the season from Carrie Ann who said that every season there is that moment where magic is made and this was it. They did a very fun quickstep to “Walking on Sunshine”. I must admit, I think Mark is the most entertaining of the bunch. They were tied for the lead last night with a score of 28.

Next up was Romeo and his partner Chelsie Hightower and according to Carrie Ann magic happened again. It is hard to believe that Romeo is the son of Master P who is legendary as the worst dancer ever on DWTS, because this kid may win the whole deal. They did a beautiful waltz and found themselves tied for the top spot with a score of 28.

Football players have always done well on Dancing With the Stars and Hines Ward is keeping up that tradition with his partner Kym Johnson. I keep waiting for a hockey player to be on DWTS since a lot of the names of the dancers sound like hockey names. Smirnoff, Chmerkovskiy and Van Amstel sound like the front line of an NHL team and actually may have helped the Avalanche this year but I digress. Hines was smooth with his Viennese Waltz and was alone in 2nd place with a 27.

As I mentioned earlier Kendra Wilkinson worked the judges and her booty last night with an energetic Samba with Louis Van Amstel. I thought Len was going to have a heart attack. She was good but not good enough to take the crown last night they ended up in 3rd for the night with a 25.

Last and most memorable was the karate kid Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff. They did the Paso Doble, which tends to be my favorite to watch and did a really nice job except for the part where Karina fell. We have come to expect Kirstie Alley to fall or lose a shoe or something but I have never seen a professional take a header before. I kind of felt like I do when I see a golfer duff a shot on TV and think “ha, I could do that”. I was impressed with Ralph who pulled her to her feet and got it going again. They did not even have the low score of the night. They received a 24 from the judges which was still better than Chris Jericho. Maybe next week Chris will just come out and fall down to improve his score. Here is Karina’s fall in case you missed it.