Ringing doorbells, weird-looking humans, FOOD...Halloween can be an exciting time for pets, and it's important to keep them safe with all that excitement going on.

Here are some tips to keep your pets safe on October 31!

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    Hide the chocolate

    There are many foods that are toxic and fatal to pets, especially chocolate because it contains theobromine. The darker the chocolate, the worse it is for pets - especially for dogs. Make sure chocolate and other candy isn't within reach or shared with pets. To be safe, keep dogs and cats out of the same room as children and candy.

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    Create a safe room

    With so much going on and with so many new people around, pets can get skittish, nippy, or overactive. Create an area for your pet to hide away from the action. Play TV, music, or other white noise in the room so he or she doesn't feel upset or left out. You can even check a local pet store or online for pheromone products that can help reduce your pet's anxiety.

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    Protect candles

    Candles can always pose a threat to pets, even if they're placed in pumpkins. Candles that aren't protected are more dangerous, though, and shouldn't be within your pet's reach. All it takes is a curious pet or a wagging tail to start a fire. Designate an adult to be on "candle duty" throughout the night to make sure fires aren't started.

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    Hide/protect cords

    If you have electrical cords running through the house or yard, secure them with tape and check them throughout the evening - dogs, squirrels, and other creatures love to chew on them.

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    Test pet costumes

    Costumes definitely make our pets look cute, but some of them can itch, cut into skin, restrict vision, or cause stress. Try out costumes ahead of time to make sure your pet can handle it- otherwise, he or she may be miserable on Halloween night.