Kristy Lee Cook, who is probably best known for making the finals of American Idol Season 7, put on a fantastic free show last night at the Boot Grill in Loveland. It was part of our "New From Nashville" series.

Kristy Lee Cook is real person. I love that about her.  We had dinner with Kristy and a few folks from Broken Bow Records after the show. I learned a few things about Kristy.

1.  She loves Marshmallow Creme and will eat it right out of the jar. (Me too!)
2.  She loves the outdoors, especially hunting and riding horses!
3. She used to beat up bullies in school who would pick on her brother.
4. She doesn't mind sharing. She even let me eat off her plate.
5. That girl can sing!

Kristy wowed the crowd with her fun up tempo set and brought us all to tears with her new single, "Airborne Ranger Infantry", which was inspired by her father.

Enjoy this YouTube video of the song, which was filmed by Drew Bankston from Star Painter Productions. Just a warning, you may need a tissue. It's a very moving song.