Having your phone die on you while out and about really sucks, especially when you don't have a power outlet and/or charger nearby. Luckily, there's a pair of jeans designed to charge your phone for you while it sits in your pocket.

Los Angeles-based Joe's Jeans has developed a new denim line for women called #Hello jeans, which are equipped with a special pocket that you can slide a portable battery pack into. You can then slip your phone into the pocket, connect the battery pack, and keep it tucked away while it powers up.

Phones the battery is compatible with are the iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C up to 100%, and the iPhone 6 up to 85%.

The jeans come in four washes called Regan (black), Aria (grey), Cecily (dark denim), and Kalia (faded denim). They're priced at $189 while the battery pack is another $49.

Looks like this isn't an entirely original concept however - in 2014, Microsoft announced a pair of pants that could charge Lumia smartphones.

Would you buy these jeans? I just want the portable battery pack - I'll use it for cheaper jeans that I bought somewhere else!