Larimer County Search and Rescue lost one SAR dog earlier this week. Unfortunately, they are now mourning the passing of a second SAR dog.

Larimer County Search and Rescue announced on their Facebook page that their SAR dog, Merlin, passed away.

"Merlin and his handler were on over 70 missions in their 10 year career," read the Facebook post. "70 missions helping to reunite families and loved ones. 70 times when they could have stayed in the comfort of their home. 70 times when they said someone else's needs were greater. They were a most prolific team and there probably isn't an inch of Larimer County mountains without Merlin's paw prints on it."

LCSAR continued by sharing a note from Merlin's handler.

Those of you who trained and fielded with Merlin know he has always had a lot to say. Now, he says 'thank you' -

For hiding during practice

For playing tug of war

For carrying extra water on missions

For trying to keep up

For watching his back

For rubbing his ears

For being  mentor,

a teammate,

a friend.

Our condolences are with LCSAR for the deaths of Merlin and Abbey, the other SAR dog who passed away this week.

Remembering Merlin in Photos