I wish I had a "slow" button. Is it just me or does the whole world seem to be going way to fast? I don't know of anyone who is just whelmed these days. It seems like we are all overwhelmed. I would like a couple days to just breathe and catch my breath. I know it's not just me. I see exhaustion on the face of so many of my friends and family these days.

I have been having one of those stretches where I never seem to get caught up. I will get all my finances in order then BOOM, an unexpected expenditure. You will get your health in order then BOOM, an unexpected illness. You finally get your job figured out then BOOM, your job description changes. Does it seem like life is continually throwing you curve balls? Maybe you need to spend some time in the batting cage and learn how to hit them. Life is never going to quit throwing them. No matter what you do or how you live, life will try to slip a pitch passed you.  Get your feet firmly set in the batters box and time your swing. It takes more wisdom and patience to hit it but you can if time your swing. You may get hit by a pitch or 2 but just trot to first and take your base.

Life may be a game but you have the bat. Life will keep trying to come up with new pitches to throw at you. Put on your helmet, dig in, time your swing and knock life right off the mound. Curve balls aren't that hard to hit after all.