This a crazy story. A 13-year-old kid in 1969 starts a comic book empire. Today, he’s sitting on a million dollars. Because of pot. High profits, indeed.

Google Street View

Mile High Comics has been around Denver for decades. They have three stores around Denver, including a HUGE location right off the I-25/I-70 interchange, which is known as the biggest comic book store on the planet.

The man who owns Mile High Comics started the business as a kid, collecting comics and such.  He has a storage facility/headquarters for the business, also in Denver, that he’s selling to a pot business. After all expenses, he’ll still have over $1 million!

This story gets me twice. One, how can comic books be such a big industry to have so many locations in Denver? Two, if a pot business is going to fork out over $1 million for a building, they must be making so much money, that it makes my head explode. Comic Books and pot. The two somehow, just seem meant-to-be!  Only if a Doritos company had sold its headquarters to a pot business, would it be more perfect.

I don’t read comic books; I don’t collect comic books. Plus, I don’t smoke pot. I just cannot wrap my head around this one!  What the what?

So now, I have to go and check out Mile High Comics; the big store off I-25 and I-70 must be something to see! Then, of course, I’ll be inclined to go find this unnamed pot business!  Life in Colorado- it gets weird, right?