A lot of people will tell you that letting your dog lick your face is disgusting and unhealthy. That's fair, but what if they licked your face for a good cause?

Actor David Duchovny wants your dog to lick your face as part of the #LickMyFace campaign (see video above), and to donate $1 for every lick to his favorite charity: Target Zero.

Target Zero, a nonprofit, goes from city to city mentoring shelters and teaching them the best practices to get away from euthanizing healthy or treatable animals and become "no-kill" facilities. Duchovny has challenged all of us to have our dog, cat, or whatever animal lick peanut butter off of our faces for the cause (or, just donate to the charity sans saliva).

Luckily the state of Colorado has higher adoption rates than other, less-fortunate parts of the country where kill shelters are more common. If not Target Zero, Dog Is My Copilot is another nonprofit you'll want to check out - they rescue and transport 200 animals each week from high-kill areas and bring them to no-kill shelters here in Colorado. And of course, support our local shelters like Larimer Humane SocietyAnimal House, and Humane Society of Weld County, among others.

If your pet is like my dog, Jaq Jaq, they won't need peanut butter to entice them for the #LickMyFace campaign (I'm allergic, anyway). Stay tuned for my follow up to this post...I'm taking the challenge! Will you?