I want to do a telethon to help cure hypocrisy. There are few things that are as disturbing to be as hypocrites. People who chastise others for things that they do themselves make me ill. Parents, teachers, business leaders, politicians, friends, everyone is guilty of it from time to time and sometimes don't even realize it.

I find it interesting that there are so many people who think it's fine for Ted Nugent, Hank Williams Jr. or some other star to go on TV and rip the president but still think the Dixie Chicks should be banned. I find it interesting that people will go to church where you are taught love, forgiveness and equality and then refuse to accept others for who they are.  I find it interesting when a politician attacks another one for a character issue when they have done the same or worse.

Walk tall and be who you say you are and let others be themselves as well. Set your mind free from judging others and take care of your own house before looking into others. Let put an end to hypocrisy in our time.