Jenny Harding, For TSM

My Wife and I had a wonderful evening last night at Cinemark Movie Bistro and XD at Foothills. It was a special preview event for media types like me and a few others and gave the employees of the Fort Collins Mall theater a chance to practice before they get real customers. The movie bistro opens to the public on Thursday, October 29.

Jenny Harding, For TSM

We watched the new "Mission Impossible" movie in the comfort of the electric-powered luxury loungers, that completely recline. They also have a tray on every recliner, where you can enjoy the food that is delivered to you. My wife had pizza and wine. I had rosemary fries delivered to my plush seat. It's like you are sitting in 1st class on an airplane. The stadium seating doesn't allow you to touch the seat in front of you and there are no obstructed view from a dude who refuses to take off his Stetson.

The movie screens are ceiling–to-floor and wall-to-wall screens. The sound in the XD theaters is unbelievable. My favorite part of the whole experience was the fact that you can pick your seat when you buy your ticket, on-line or in person. It is incredible not worrying that you will be stuck in the front row staring straight up at the screen.

It's official, I have found my new favorite theater:  Cinemark Movie Bistro and XD at Foothills! My wife took a few pictures on Thursday night.

Here is a look inside the lobby of the new theater in this YouTube video: