When I first heard the news that Loretta Lynn may be older than we have been led to believe since I was knee high to a grass hopper, I didn't really care.

Loretta Lynn is older than we thought:


So here's the skinny on Loretta Lynn's age crisis as reported by Taste of Country-she has said that she married at 13 and had four kids by the time she was 18. Lynn is believed to be 80 not 77. A Kentucky birth certificate has Lynn's birth in 1932. There is a marriage document dated in 1948 that proves she wed just shy of her 16th birthday.

why are critics making waves:

If that’s the case, how accurate is the timeline of events as depicted in her 1980 Oscar-winning autobiographical movie, ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’? According to recovered Kentucky state birth certificates and marriage licenses for Loretta Webb Lynn, pivotal information woven into the film’s plot — Lynn’s famous life story –  may be completely false.

lynn has said of her age:

“When I was born, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the president for several years. That’s the closest I’m gonna come to telling my age in this book, so don’t go looking for it,” Lynn writes. “I’m trying to make a living singing songs. I don’t need nobody out there saying, ‘She don’t look bad considering she’s such-and-such years old.’”

For me, at the end of the day, whether she was 15 or 13 when she got married, she still has one heck of a story. What this women went through, what she has seen in her life and the accomplishments she has made are real. This woman is an icon with 16 number one hits to her credit and she has recorded nearly 60 albums. She is a leader in her industry with and has been inducted into more music Halls of Fame than another female in her industry and has won the  Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for 50 years in country music.

Loretta Lynn had made a name for herself before the Oscar winning story of her life, "Coal Miners Daughter" and the movie just removed layers of this strong woman that was more beneficial than any age lie will ever hurt. ( So for the record, I still don't care and will still love Loretta's music and the lady just as I did when I thought that she was 77 and married at 13)