It was probably one of the worst-kept secrets in town (everybody was talking about it), but this local brewery officially dropped the news in late August about how they’re moving their taproom!, but they aren’t exactly closing down their original spot, either.

Dave Jensen, TSM

Crow Hop Brewing announced a big change on August 30, 2017. The Reporter-Herald reported that they’ll be moving their taproom from the current location (at their brewery) off of 3rd Street and Cleveland to 4th Street, and taking the empty spot in between Door 222 and Coffee Tree.

Dave Jensen, TSM

This will be beneficial in a LOT of ways: one, they’ll have more room at their original location for brewing and packaging.  Second, being on 4th Street, they’ll be able to draw in more customers.  Lastly, the new taproom will have a LOT more room for more people to enjoy more beer!  According to the Reporter-Herald, Crow Hop will serve their own beers as well a selection of Colorado beers that you can’t find around Loveland.  Nice!

The new taproom will have a similar layout to Henry’s, a restaurant a few doors down from the upcoming location, where you’ll be able to enter from either through the front on 4th or through the back – just off ‘Back Stage Alley’-- with patios at each entrance. With The Foundry right behind 4th Street by late 2018, Crow Hop will definitely be seeing a lot of business at the new taproom.

It’s great to see Crow Hop growing and to be able to take advantage of a great location that has sat empty for six years.  They should be opening the new taproom in early 2018. I can’t wait to get in there and get a Recess!

Source: [The Reporter-Herald]