Earlier this week Brian and I had Kimberly Pratt from North Range Behavioral Health on the air with us. We talked about how tough it is for many of us during the holidays, which can lead to depression and even suicide, but there are ways to get help. Soon after the interview we heard from Captain Tim Brown, who is the interim Chief of the Loveland Police Department. Rather than try to paraphrase what Captain Brown wrote, I thought I would just share his very kind and thoughtful letter with you.

Todd and Brian,


I was unable to listen to the actual interview during your broadcast this morning but I heard you indicate that you were going to be talking about suicide and the Holiday season on the air this morning. I just wanted to send a quick “Thank you” to you for addressing this very difficult but very real topic. Depression and suicide is a very significant issue in our Country but particularly in Larimer County, Colorado. We have far too many of our community members; friends and family who are struggling with this very challenging and frustrating issue who feel that they are alone and must deal with this frightening topic alone. That is clearly not the case as there are many wonderful resources in our community to help people with this very personal but survivable struggle. I deeply appreciate your willingness to address this topic and remind our community that they are not alone, ever and that North Range Behaviorthere are people available to provide them support.


As I mentioned, I did not get to hear your interview this morning with the North Range Behavioral Health Representative but I trust that you reminded people of the 24 hour Access Center in Colorado for Crisis Services. Of course, that number is 844-493-8255 (TALK) and it is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to help guide people to appropriate assistance. Many of our communities are also sites for 24/7 walk in services at Crisis Clinics as a result of funding recently provided through the State of Colorado.


Again, thank you so much for opening this topic and letting your listeners know that discussing suicide helps it to be less frightening for those with suicidal thoughts and/or severe depression and reminds them that they do not have to go it alone. Your work in this area and, obviously, your tremendous work with the 28 Hours of Hope on behalf of our neglected and abused children is absolutely tremendous and deeply appreciated.


Thanks for the great work guys!!! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas…
Captain Tim Brown
Loveland Police Department