Luke Bryan‘s new EP ‘Spring Break 4 … Suntan City’ is like a good speed boat. Owning one is pretty cool, but borrowing your buddy’s whenever you need it is even better.

Bryan has recorded four Panama City-flavored country songs that take on all of the cliche moments of Spring Break — the hook-up, the break-up, the sun and the surf. For some, it will play like a soundtrack to a wild week from many years ago. For others, it will be a reminder of how uncool they were in high school and college.

The steamy ‘Shake the Sand’ is a highlight amongst the bunch. “Let’s shake the sand of the sheets / Take the shoes of your feet / Slide the door on open / Listen to the waves on the beach,” Bryan sings during this love song.

This follows the mini-album’s low point, ‘Little Bit Later On,’ which sounds like it came from skit night at summer camp.

If you’ve got spring break plans that involve suntan lotion and sexy strangers willing to rub it in, Bryan has your soundtrack. The truth is, most people stay home and work or hang out with family over the spring break vacation. Play this album into any other from the singer’s catalog — like his most recent project ‘Tailgates and Tanlines’ — and it becomes obvious the recording was tossed together quickly. It that way, it is sort of like Spring Break.