Greeley Police arrested a man after he threatened a Wells Fargo employee in Greeley and demanded $500 in cash.

Photo Courtesy of Google Maps

About 6:50 PM on Tuesday, officers responded to the Greeley bank on 11th St on a report of a robbery in progress. The employee told police that a man had come in, demanded $500, and personally threatened their family.

According to Sgt. Susan West, the Greeley police spokeswoman, the employee took the $500 from a teller's drawer and handed it to the suspect.

The suspect, described as wearing a red hoodie and bright green tennis shoes, was found leaning against the driver's side of a blue Chevrolet, and was changing his clothes. Officers approached the suspect and ordered him to the ground. The man, Frank Rangel, 40, complied, and was taken into custody.

Rangel told officers he suspected his wife was responsible for draining his account. He was taken to jail and booked on suspicion of menacing.

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