Merle Haggard once sang "we don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee" and in years past it appears that the Okie from Muskogee changed his tune and took a few hits. A recreational strain developed by Merle himself will be coming to the Colorado cannabis market soon.

Frazer Harrison

According to an article in Rolling Stone, Merle's Girls, a recreational sativa strain will be hitting the Colorado recreational marijuana market soon.

With help from Haggard's family, Merle began growing medical marijuana on his property in California with hopes of expanding his grow operation to Colorado after recreational use and sales became legal in our state. Unfortunately, Merle passed away earlier this April before he could see through his idea. Now his relatives have partnered with Colorado Weed Co. which is based out of Pueblo, CO. to bring the line Merle's Girls, with the initial strain of sativa to Colorful Colorado. If everything goes according to plan Oregon, Washington and California will also carry the line of cannabis.

This will be the second line of marijuana products that has a country singers brand associated with marijuana. The first was Willie Nelson's line called Willie;s Reserve.


Source: Rolling Stone