When Journey 4 Justice first stared in 2011, an assistant state captain with the North Texas PGR sent an email to all members dictating a boycott of J4J saying that members were not allowed to wear PGR patches to Topeka.

MIke "Gunner" Lambert, State Captain of the North Texas PGR, for some reason, seems to hate Journey 4 Justice. I find this hard to fathom that anyone besides members of the Westboro Baptist Church, and those who support them, would not approve of what we do. It's ironic that both groups started solely because of the WBC, but Mr. Lambert somehow doesn't realize we both have the same agenda. Personally, I don't think he has the guts to do what Journey 4 Justice does because I'm sure he's afraid of the "scary lawyers" and no photo shoots or PR to be had in Topeka.

His claim is that we are protesting the protesters, but if he knew ANYTHING about J4J he would know that is simply not true. In fact, we never use the "P" words because they are negative in their original form. We wave flags; United States, State, POW, MIA etc. as a way of "expressing our right of free speech." Someone needs to explain to Mike "Gunner" Lambert that the United States flag is NOT a protest sign... it's a FLAG!

Yesterday, I was sent emails once again from Mike "Gunner" Lambert that he and his BoD had kicked out a long standing member of the North Texas PGR largely because he was a member of the Texas 3 team with Journey 4 Justice. This team is comprised of some of the most patriotic people I know with military backgrounds that go very deep, and even include a Gold Star family.

Just so you have an idea, here is the bio of the hero they just kicked out:

  • Ted "Frosty" Foster - USAF TSGT 20 years
  • Vietnam Veteran
  • Bronze Star
  • Advisor to Vietnamese Air Force
  • UH1 Huey Helicopters/Master Trainer
  • Patriot Guard Service - 2007-2014/Blue Hat/Maroon Hat (ride captain)

Here is the email I received back in October of 2011 when Mr. Mike "Gunner" Lambert laid down the law in Texas and started to play God with his members:

Information has been circling among the riders concerning an internet site called "Journey 4 Justice." The purpose of this group is to express their right of free speech, directed solely at the protesters who appear at military funerals and directly at the protesters headquarters in Topeka, Kansas.

The reasoning behind the protesters directing their message of hatred to the Funerals of this Nations fallen soldier’s is done strictly for media attention. The brave men and women of our Armed Services and their families have done nothing wrong and are not deserving of the dishonor paid by the Kansas group. By appearing before the media in an attempt to gain attention to their cause, they felt they had found a soft target to get the most media attention from.

You men and women of the Patriot Guard Riders understand this effort more than most citizens. That is the reason the Texas Patriot Guard Riders do not waist the energy to even acknowledge the presence of these protesters. Confronting the protesters only aids in their attempt to gain a spot on the evening news. There are journalists in this country who operate under the assumption that "if it bleeds, it reads" and therefore it sells.

Everyone is aware of the fact that these are attorneys who could care less about honoring and respecting our Nation’s fallen heroes but they do know how to use the system to gain attention to their cause.

Having expressed the above information, the Leadership of the Texas Patriot Guard would like to remind the members of the Texas Patriot Guard Riders that the Patriot Guard is not a protest group, nor is it a counter protest group. We have a mission and a mission statement which is near and dear to all of us.

Any individual who feels they must attend any of the protests in Kansas are encouraged to follow your heart. Please remember that to protest in front of or near the headquarters of those people that we refer to as "Un-invited Guests" would only aid their efforts to gain media attention.

The wearing of Patriot Guard Rider Patches, decals, or flags at a protest which stems to serve the mission and efforts of these "un-invited guests" would be in direct conflict with the Patriot Guard Riders Mission Statement.

Any member of the Texas Patriot Guard Riders who are found to be wearing PGR gear, patches, flags or decals while attending these protest will be asked to step down as a member of the Patriot Guard Riders.

This is in no way an attempt to infringe on anyone’s right to "freedom of speech," it is merely an attempt to communicate the fact that the reputation of the Patriot Guard Riders, the honor and the respect of the community, will not be infringed upon or sacrificed by any member whose actions could be construed as aiding those "un-invited guests" in their attempt to gain attention.

We are all adults and, as such, are held responsible for our own actions, so please do what you feel you need to do in this matter, but do not do it at the sacrifice of the respect and reputation of the Patriot Guard Riders who are here to show honor and respect.

Very Respectfully, Teresa Galloway/State Captain and Mike "Gunner" Lambert/Assistant State Captain

Mr. Lambert, many of our members are not only members of the PGR but Gold Star families as well. In fact, a Gold Star mother made the trip to Topeka in September of 2011 to personally hand me her Challenge Coin on behalf of her deceased son who was KIA. Does that sound like she was bothered to you by my actions and the actions of Journey 4 Justice?

At the request of many to write a story on his actions, I decided to not expose this egotistical man and put a black eye on the PGR. I took the high road and blew him off, but after I was alerted yesterday to what he has done this time, I refuse to let it slide, as I would be derelict in my duties as a member of the media to not expose the wrong this man and his cronies have done.

Here is the email that was sent to me on June 18, 2014, by members of the Texas PGR:

Gentlemen, (There are lots of women in the PGR)

I will attempt to put together the events of the last Four years. I take full responsibility for this crap. I should have removed him when he stirred up the members by trying to use the PGR as a protest force to join with "Journey For Justice" to do a doorstep protest at the home of Westboro folks four years ago. I did not respond to an email demanding my actions. Texas is a right to work State and you can be asked to leave any job for any reason. If Mr. Foster ask for the information I would have gladly started the long email crap with him again. I dealt with his daughter during the J4J issue until she got a "shock jock" in Colorado involved and he started trying to put together crap for his radio show. I refuse to waist my time trying to explain anything to her. I will put together the information you have requested - Respectfully, Mike 'Gunner' Lambert

I'm not sure where to even start. A shock jock? Me? Mr. Lambert, please take a few minutes to research your "facts" before accusing anyone of anything. Let's get this straight, I only know of you because of the original email you sent to all the Texas PGR members telling them they could not go to Topeka on behalf of J4J and wear any kind of PGR patches or stickers. I never knew of Ted's daughter until an active member of the North Texas PGR alerted me to YOUR email.

Put together a bunch of "crap" for my radio show? Your name has never been uttered from these lips of mine... until today. As I said earlier, I could have unleashed a flame-thrower on you my friend back in 2011 and chose not to. Today, you aren't so lucky.

Who are you Mr. Lambert to tell anyone where they can and can't go and what patches they can and can't wear? How do you sleep at night knowing what you have done and what you have said about others that not only you, but many others know, is a flat out lie. If I were a member of the North Texas PGR I would run away as fast as I could under your leadership, sir.

How dare you! And to question my character, loyalty and patriotism? The group Journey 4 Justice does amazing things and we abide by the law 100%, and over half our members are PGR members of many states; not just Texas. The attorney who represents the group is a retired Colonel from Vietnam; would you like to pass judgement on his character as well? Just because you don't have the nerve to do what we do, fighting the same enemy, on their turf, by their rules, don't hold it against anyone else. It appears that you sir are in this for the glory, PR photo shoots and TV interviews, where the rest of us only care about standing for what's right, and could care less about the glory you so desire, sir.

What you did to Ted "Frosty" Foster should be the most embarrassing thing you have ever done, not to mention unlawful and a black eye to the Texas PGR. You sir, and your so-called Board of Directors, should be ashamed of yourselves and step down immediately to prevent any further backlash to your organization and the PGR in general. It is already well documented that you decided to just make decisions for yourself and disregard PGR protocol when ousting a member with a service record such as Mr. Fosters.

If you'd like to send Mike "Gunner" Lambert an email in support of all things right and wrong, you can reach him at mikelambert2@aol.com or TXSC@PatriotGuard.org.