According to CBS 4 in Denver, the FBI has reported that military families in not only Greeley, but also in Cheyenne, were intimidated by men of Middle Eastern descent.

The alert by the FBI was issued on August 4, 2015 from separate incidents that occurred this past June in Greeley, Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming. The alert was distributed through all law enforcement agencies in Colorado and Wyoming according to the report.

One of the family members who lives in Greeley said that she was confronted at her home by two Middle Eastern males who claimed she was the wife on a United States interrogator. She denied the claim and the men left in a dark four-door sedan of some type. She also mentioned that it was not the first time she had seen the vehicle in the neighborhood.

Similar stories from the Cheyenne, Wyoming area have also been reported and apparently has happened on numerous occasions. The report goes on to say the men each time tried to gain information about family members through means of intimidation. The men have not been identified and the FBI is not sure if it even involved the same ones.

The FBI has not given any further comments but has said that local law enforcement agencies have been notified of all the details and that Colorado’s Department of Homeland Security is also aware of it.

Anyone who thinks they may have information or to report suspicious activity are to contact the FBI Fort Collins Resident Agency at (970) 663-1028. In Wyoming contact the FBI Cheyenne Resident Agency at (307) 632-6224.