As a young child I remember very vividly reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and also morning prayer. When you talk about the "good old days" those are visions that come to my mind. Of course those are things that have been taken away, but Mississippi has decided otherwise.

First and foremost though, why was the Pledge of Allegiance axed? Because of the words "under God." It's based on our country and the fact that we are Americans who proudly belong to the United States of America.

Having an open mind, I have always thought that no matter what side of the fence you are on with the bible, "In God We Trust" is in everyone's pocket; atheist or not. Show me an atheist who doesn't have at least a penny in his or her pocket.

From a penny to a $100 bill, "In God We Trust" is clearly marked on every unit of U.S.Currency. If it's good enough for our money, by golly it's good enough for our schools.

So again, if it was deemed so bad for schools, why was it not removed from our currency? My point being, it should have never been removed in the first place, but some atheists want it removed from all currency. (see video here) We live in the United States of America and we base many of our principles on the Holy Bible. If I moved to Japan I wouldn't be complaining that my God was not being allowed in my child's school and I sure wouldn't complain about theirs.

So, my hat is off to Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi and his staff for signing into law requiring...

...public schools to develop policies that will allow students to pray over school intercoms, at assemblies and at sporting events.  While not allowing school-sanctioned prayer, the law permits students to offer public prayers with a disclaimer by the school administration.

It's a great start and I want to know what you think. Please take 3 seconds to answer the poll below and feel free to leave your comments. I love to see different opinions and this is a great forum to do just that.