I have been a Montgomery Gentry fan since the first time I heard 'Hillbilly Shoes' and the entire debut album 'Tattoos and Scars'. They created a sound that was missing in country music. It had that backwoods stomp to it that made you bob your head and stomp your boots. They spoke to me. I have always felt they were the voice of the working man much like Merle Haggard. The list of hits these two have made is incredible but the list has room to grow.

Eddie and Troy have just put out a new album on Blaster Records that blew me away. These guys have not missed a beat and sound better than ever. The vocals, song choice and production are all fantastic. I blame my friends in radio for not playing the heck out the first two singles 'Headlights' and 'Folks Like Us'. These both were played on K99 and should have been huge hits. The album in full of what you want from these two talented men. The opening notes of 'We Were Here' begin a journey of pure musical enjoyment. I pumped my fist, I felt emotion in my heart, I felt empowered and just plain felt good listening to this record. I could so relate to 'Back on a Dirt Road' and 'Hillbilly Hippies'. It's like these guys lived my life. That is part of the magic of Montgomery Gentry, they are just a couple people like us. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of their new album "Folks Like Us" and prepare to rip off the volume knob.