New details have emerged in the David Wayne Batty case, regarding the murder and mutilation of a Weld County woman.

In March of last year, David Wayne Batty was visited by parole officers when he failed to appear at his parole appointments.

While completing their inspection of his home, a parole officer uncovered the corpse of a Weld woman's body stuffed into a trunk in Batty's closet.  His victim was also found to have a novelty baseball bat tucked into her anus, which later was found to have Batty's DNA on it.

The woman was Tonya Webster, who was noted to have died of asphyxiation.  She also had blunt force trauma to the head and was beaten severely.

The smell of decay apparently took over the entire house despite Batty's attempts to mask the smell with air fresheners and candles.  Police also found blood stains on the carpet, sheets, and walls in Batty's apartment.

He is currently being held without bond in the Weld County Jail.