There's dumb and then there's dumber.  Lorenzo Riggins falls into the latter category and got exactly what he deserved...double trouble for his McDouble trouble.

Lorenzo Riggins did what millions do everyday. He stopped into McDonald's for some heart stopping goodness! He ordered 6 McDoubles, a McChicken and a large drink. He paid for his meal and went to his car.  Mr Riggins checked his order and realized he was missing one (1) McDouble!

You would have thought all hell broke lose when he went in to retrieve the forgotten burger. So what did he do?  Yes, he called 911!  Talk about an emergency!  OMG  He said the clerk had an attitude and it was then he threatened to call the cops, so he did.  911!

Police responded and immediately arrested Mr. Riggins for misuse of the 911 system. BRAVO!  I have to be honest, anyone who would make a scene like that over a $1 McDouble was probably the first to start the attitude fest.  Did the clerk have an attitude?  I'm sure he/she did.  Good for them for not taking any crap from the Moron of the Month.