My Mom passed along a fun little piece from the Greeley Tribune that I had to share. Times have changed a great deal, especially when it comes to "top speeds" of the motorcycles of years gone by.

I can only imagine what it must have been like to ride one of the first motorcycles.  Talk about being a rebel...I can only imagine.  And I bet doing 35 MPH in 1913 was quite the thrill.  Sure beats walking or saddling a horse, right?

MOTORCYCLE MACHINES are becoming a problem.  Richard Thien of Eaton was riding his motorcycle machine at the high speed off 25 mph on his way to Greeley, when a water snake slithered across his path.  He swerved to avoid the snake and was thrown from the motorcycle.  He suffered minor cuts and bruises, but the snake was unharmed. ABOUT THE same time, in Severance, a man named David Severance was riding his machine at 35 mph, lost control and crashed through the front door of a drugstore.  The pharmacist inside treated Severance's injuries with products from the drugstore.
Those were the days. Speaking of, what were some prices from 1913?
  • Bacon about .25 a pound
  • Bread about .05 a loaf
  • Butter about .40 a pound
  • Cheese about .22 a pound
  • Coffee about .29 a pound
  • Fresh Milk about .36 a gallon
  • Steak about .23 a pound
  • Sugar about .07 a pound