Parents are furious at a Tucson school after they allow Muslim students to pray each day while at school. Is this right or wrong? Take the poll and see what others say.

When I first saw this story today, it didn't sit well. That was my fault and a knee jerk reaction.

Of course they have that right to pray here in the United States, even at school, just like any child has the same right to pray. There are no laws that say you can't; it's just that plain and simple. It's called Freedom of Religion, like it or not.

Let's be clear. I am not in favor of the Muslim faith for many reasons; that is my right. With that being said, if my child has the right to pray to his or her God, which they do if they want, then who am I to say a child of the Muslim faith doesn't have the same right.

Separation of Church and State means that Government can't get involved by saying schools can't. I suppose it's up to the school districts themselves and the decision falls on each school. Just because we are not in favor of something, doesn't mean it's right or's just the way it is.

If I'm not mistaken, that is why the Pledge of Allegiance was re-written to remove "God" because of the whole Freedom of Religion thing; this encompasses every faith including atheists.

My suggestion to these parents in Tucson would be to organize a prayer circle for families who want their children to be able to pray in school. Turnaround is fair play and a school will set time aside for Muslims, they will do the same for Catholics, Lutherans, Baptist and all the others.