I am really excited to have my sister and my 5 year old niece come out to Colorado next week! My sister is a Colorado native, but my niece, Abby, has spent her life in the south, mainly Jacksonville, Florida. This will be a week of many firsts for her. Starting off with her first time taking a trip on an airplane!

So what do you do with a 5 year old who has never been to Colorado? This should be pretty easy, right?

Casa Bonita in Denver is a MUST with the cliff divers!

Casa Bonita Denver Facebook

A trip to the mountains is in order:

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Since she has been a flatlander all of her life, she is probably going to have a grand time going up into the mountains to see snow for the first time!

Not only a trip to RMNP to see mountains and snow, there will be a possibility to see some moose and elk!

Jenny Harding, For TSM

She has never been fishing too! So here is where Super Uncle comes into play with a pink fishing pole and possibly a fish or two!

Dennis McKinney/Colorado Division of Wildlife

When it comes to food, you have to teach 'em early on about that Colorado Green Chile on everything!

Matt Sparx/ TSM

She will also get to see the Greeley Stampede!

Jenny Harding, For TSM

For a week she will get to experience all the greatness Colorado has to offer! I know there are so many things to show her, but these are just a few that I am excited the most to have her do!

One more week!!!!