The 80's what an awesome ride. To be a girl of the 80's is totally rad, our fashion back then however, like gag me with a spoon! Not only did I have to leap into uncharted territory (high school) I was also thrown into the 80's. (I started my freshman year of high school in 1980) One of the craziest times of my life for sure. I moved from California to Minnesota one week before my 9th grade classes were to start. As for fashion some of it continued to bleed over from the 70's, but it definitely would soon evolve from there. But throw in the fact that I was coming from California to Minnesota AND it was 1980, the challenge had begun. I was dressed in Ocean Pacific from head to toe, people in Minnesota may have known OP, but really only for its swimsuits, yes I had pants and shirts by OP. Needless to say I quickly jumped into the 80's fashion scene Minnesota style, bring on the monogrammed sweaters!

When it came to music I was all about Peaches and Herb, Dolly Parton, Crystal Gayle and Barbara Mandrell-hey its what my mom used to listen to with a little dash of the Doobie Brothers. It didn't take me too long to find myself musically, however my tastes, as they are today are wide ranging. I still liked the old mom standbys, but introduced myself too to artists like A-ha, Def Leppard, Chicago, Eric Carmen, the Fixx, Corey Hart, Genesis, Gloria Estefan, Billy Idol, Bryan Adams, Cyndi Lauper and the list goes on! WAIT, I almost forgot Culture Club, Paul Young (I think I wanted to marry him) and Elton John.

High school was a weird bag for me. As outgoing as I was I was also very shy. Oxymoron perhaps but true story. I never belonged to one group of people and if it looked like I did that didn't last long. I have always found people so amazing and interesting that I like to be around everyone and not everyone likes to be around everyone-do I still have you? So I would move around and pop into this group or that, that is when I wasn't working at the golden arches. I loved that job, but was made fun of more than once. The same people that saw me for lunch, saw me after practice and before they went home-I had been asked many times if I had a cot in the back. (I might as well have, I lived there it seemed, but I did live in the apartments right behind the arches.) I tried to play basketball (coach and I never saw eye to eye on the court or in history class), I was in DECA and had a blast and became the friend to a lot of people. I never went to prom, but helped friends get ready and I can remember sitting for hours with friends and their boyfriends as I played the counselor. High school and the 80's for me go hand in had as I graduated in 1984. I love the 80's!

The 80's, wait, did I mention Madonna or Michael Jackson-holy canoli the 80's gave us a lot!

At the movies we were getting scared with Poltergeist, living large with Fast Times at Ridgemont High, getting creeped out by the Shining, learning new ways to bully with Scarface and crying our eyes out with Terms of Endearment.

I can remember my grandfather telling me that Ronald Reagan would never be president-no way Gonzo would ever rule the country-grandpa died in May of 1980 and as you know President Reagan was elected that fall. On my birthday in 1983 Reagan announced that we, as civilians would have access to GPS-wow! In 1984 the space shuttle Discovery has its first go round into space and so much happened all around the world in the 80's. 1985 gave us "We Are the World", I still sing it loudly whenever I hear it. In March of 1985 Wrestle Mania debuts in Madison Square Garden. In 1987 Aretha Franklin becomes the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Also in 1987, Jessica McClure falls down a well in Texas-everyone was glued to the television during the whole ordeal, memories to not ever be forgotten. As the 80's began their last dance to make way for the 90's, George W. Bush succeeds Ronald Reagan as the 41st president, serial killer Ted Bundy is executed, we get answers to the crash of Pan Am flight 103 travesty, the Soviet Union reports a UFO landing, Chile holds its first free election and so on.

Some may disagree, but I think that the 80's took all the good from past decades and reshaped who we would become. The 80's with its Izod's, mullets and timeless music will live on forever.

In the picture gallery here you will find pictures of me from freshman year to senior year-can you find me? Rock on dude! Happy 80's forever!