I was so excited for my grandson Zander at his 3rd birthday. He got his first Hot Wheels case from my buddy Bob Purcell. I felt it was kind of a rite of passage to childhood. I remember my Hot Wheels case. It went with me everywhere. Hot Wheels were one of favorite toys when I was a kid. We all had our cases and would get together and show off our cars. Playing with Zander and his case brought me right back to those days of my youth and got me thinking about my favorite childhood toys.


Hot Wheels were one of my favorites but I also loved my sack of marbles. I had so many cool looking ones. I never really played any games with them but they were fun to dump out and just roll around. I was also very into Lego's. That love stayed with me until I discovered Eggo's were even better. Sports cards were another favorite of mine. I would spend all my money on packs of cards. I had cases of them. If I still had them today I would be one rich dude. I'm sure I wasted thousands of dollars putting them in my spokes on my bike. My other all time favorite was my Johnny West doll. Johnny could have taken GI Joe any day.

I am so happy I have a grandson to share my love of toys with...and to play with his super cool new Hot Wheels case. What was your favorite toy as a child?

Brian Gary, TSM