I love my iPhone. I spend way too much time on it.  I spent entirely too much time playing games on it.  That being said, I thought would share my "Top Ten Favorite Games I Play on My iPhone"!


10.  Hanging With Friends

Hanging with Friends is just like the old Hangman game.  You play head-to-head with somebody live. I play with a few of my Facebook friends.  The secret to winning the game is to make really tough words and when you are guessing, don't go for the obvious letters.  Most people like to use the Xs, Qs, and Zs to try and throw you off.


 9.  Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a game I first heart about from Blake Shelton.  He talked about playing it in an interview he did. You basically shoot birds and pigs through the air with a slingshot and try to  knock down structures made of wood, or stone or sometimes even glass.  There are many levels but the levels are very limited if you don't pay for the premium version. It's very addictive.

 8.  Scrabble


Some people prefer Scrabble to Words With Friends. I am not one of those people.  I still like playing it. It is very similar to the traditional board game, except it keeps score for you and your tiles don't ever spill all over the floor.  Maybe the reason I don't like it quite as much is because I don't win at it very often.






7.  Scramble

Scramble is another word game.  You have two minutes to find as many words as you can by using letters that are connected.   The best way to score high is to use the little helpers at the bottom of the game.  I like the one that freezes time, the one that scrambles the letters, and  the one that gives you 3 words to search for.  If you find all 3 words you are given additional time.  This is also another game that is played with other Facebook friends.  There are a couple people I can never beat, but I am not bitter.



6.  Hearts

Hearts is an oldie but a goodie. In the early days of computers it is one of the games that came with most setups along with Solitaire and Mine sweep. It's just like the card game Hearts. If I am on an airplane or somewhere I can't get Wi-Fi, this is my go-to game.  I have played hearts on the toilet more than any other game. TMI?


5. Flow Line

I am brand new to Flow Line. I just started playing it last weekend when my cousin introduced it to me on her iPad.  It is the game I have been playing the most lately.  It starts out as a very easy game where you connect the same-colored dots.  It gets extremely difficult as the levels increase and the number of dots increase and they get smaller and smaller and smaller...


4. Family Feud

I loved Family Feud on TV as a kid. I still do, although it's not nearly as good as it used to be. To me Richard Dawson will always be the best host of that show.  Surprisingly, the iPhone version of the game is very close to the TV version.  I am not very good at it yet, but it is very addicting.  You can play other people on line or just play by yourself.  You can also get help from friends on finishing the speed round.   My problem is I don't type fast enough.


3. Bejeweled Blitz

You have probably played Bejeweled at some point in your life.  Bejeweled Blitz is a sped up version of the game. You only get one minute to play. It can be very hectic.   If you connect 3 jewels that are alike they disappear and the other jewels drop down.  If I am looking for a mindless game that doesn't take much thought, Bejeweled is my game.  Sometimes it's very therapeutic to not have to think.


2. Song Pop

Song Pop is quickly becoming my favorite game.  I love music and this is a fancy version of "Name That Tune". I am really good at categories like the 80s or modern country. I stink at rap or current pop music.  You can only play 20 people at the same time. I usually win against 17 or 18 of them every week.  There are a couple people I just can't beat.  Deep down I know I can learn rap music. No I can't! I hate it. I really can't stand listening to it.


1. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is another oldie but goodie.   It was one of my first loves on my iPhone and is still my favorite. I know. I am supposed to love all of my Apps the same, but I don't I love Words With Friends the best.    I have been an addict since my first smart phone.  I don't always win, but it doesn't matter. I even enjoy playing in defeat.   It is the one game that my wife and I play together.  It's similar to Scrabble, but I think it is a much better design and plays much faster.  It is, without a doubt, "My Favorite Game To Play on My iPhone".