The Nuggets guaranteed themselves a playoff spot last night beating the Suns 118-107 last night in Phoenix. However, do we care?  I haven't heard any hype about it.  The Broncos had Tim Tebow and now Peyton Manning, so there is plenty of hype about them. There always seems to be interest for the Rockies, even if they haven't lived up to expectations lately.  The Avalanche used to get attention, when they were winning Stanley Cups. The Nuggets? Who knows?

Going into the game against the Orlando Magic tonight, Denver is the 6th seed in the Western Conference.  That means if the Playoffs were held today, the Nuggets would play the Lakers in the 1st round. Nobody thinks they can beat the Lakers in the Playoffs.

If Denver slips to 7th or 8th in the standings, they would could play San Antonio or Oklahoma City in the 1st round. I haven't heard any of the so-called experts say they could beat either of those teams. So, congratulations to the team. The Nuggets are a playoff team, but do we care?