Kristen Wood for Odell Brewing

Odell Brewing, based in Fort Collins, has released their latest year-round beer, Rupture. Rupture is a a Fresh Grind Ale that introduces a unique process where whole-flower hops are ground up on-site at the brewery moments before they’re added to the beer.

To achieve this unique flavor profile, Odell installed a custom-built hammer mill at the brewery, a piece of equipment that’s typically only operated by hop merchants.

Brewing Manager, Bill Beymer says:

It’s a wildly inefficient process, but once we tried the test batches, we knew it was worth the effort. What we grind that day, we use that day. There’s a bit of a ticking clock that starts as soon as you rupture the lupulin. To get the hops at their peak, you need to move fast. It’s a lot like coffee. We all know fresh ground beans make for a more complex cup of joe. Rupture applies those same principles to hops.

Rupture comes in at 6.0% ABV and is now available in 15 states.

Kristen Wood for Odell Brewing