This summer has been brutal on my yard. The heat and lack of rain has pretty much killed a good majority of my front and back yard. I currently have a sprinkler system on my property but I felt that the yard wasn't getting the coverage it needed so I went to the hardware store and picked up a cheap sprinkler.


I am glad I did... Not for the yard itself, but our male German Shepherd has found his passion in his life and that would be the water from the hose!

I can't water my peppers, I can't water my yard without him going absolutely bonkers over the water. He screams and whines if I don't spray him. Oddly enough, I have been trying for years to get him to play with the water and he has only been afraid of it until this summer.The above video shows exactly how he gets when he is finally able to get the water. He went on like this for a good 30 minutes until I decided to shut the water off. He then laid next to the sprinkler waiting for it to come back on. Crazy dog!