In what is a significant turn in what comprises shopping in Old Town Fort Collins, plans have been announced to open a Lululemon Athletica store in the district. This will be the first major retail chain store to open up in Old Town. The retail showroom will be located on Linden Street and plans to open the business say it should launch on April 2nd.

The new Lululemon Athletica is a publicly traded company which is traded on the Nasdaq. They specialize in yoga and Pilates sportswear for men and women and will also offer yoga and fitness classes. As of right now, the showroom will only be open Thursday through Sunday. Depending on what the response is, more days and hours could become available for consumers.

According to today's Coloradoan, Lululemon suffered its greatest embarrassment in 2013 when a new line of yoga pants were too sheer. By some media accounts, the recall of the see-through pants cost the company about $67 million.