Late at night while I lie in bed I love the sounds of coyotes in the Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area. But when I hear a pack of coyotes followed and attacked a man on his way to work, I get a bit uncomfortable.


The news of the coyote attack comes out of Niwot. A man in his early 20's was walking to work Monday around 5am when he hear animals coming up on him. When he turned around he saw one large and two smaller coyotes. The man, 22 year old Andrew Dickehage was attacked over a 70 yard stretch and suffered injuries to his face, head and neck. The young man was thankful that it happened to him and not a child or elderly person as he believes the injuries would have been much worse.

The coyotes have been put down and the are being tested for any signs of disease.

An encounter with a coyote alone or in large packs is very rare. Coyotes are nocturnal and are rarely seen. With that said the number of coyote attacks have risen steadily in the past five years and some experts say the coyotes may not be afraid of humans anymore and are getting more bold, less shy.

If you have any wildlife concerns you can contact the Larimer Humane Society