While I joked about renting out the parking spot outside my Fort Collins apartment during the CSU home football games, these two guys actually did it, and subsequently created a rental-parking business. *face palm*

Jenny Harding/TSM

The inaugural football season has kicked off at Colorado State's brand new on-campus stadium, which has left Ram fans wondering where the heck they should park now that the already-congested downtown Fort Collins area has become the new site of Saturday games.

Well, kudos to Cody GrandPre and Stein Chistensen, for being geniuses, and creating ParkIt. (Now, admittedly, I joked about doing this myself, but never actually thought this was a legit money-making opportunity, or believe me, I would have done it).


According to BizWest, the two CSU seniors launched a platform for parking spot rentals called ParkIt.

'Renting out a spot works much like renting out a room or house on AirBnb, GrandPre said...Users can select a city where ParkIt is offered, currently Boulder or Fort Collins, then select the event or game for which they need parking... To list a spot, users just need to upload a photo and details of the location.' Read full excerpt via BizWest.

Live near the stadium? Consider signing up here, or find parking for the game against Boise State in November.