You better get used to seeing pictures of my new grandson Nixon because my blogs are going to end up being like my wallet that I pull out to show you photos. There is something that is totally indescribable about the joy a new life brings. This little guy is exactly what I needed right now and he has no idea how important he is to me already.

Kyla Flaa, TSM

This weekend we descended upon Holyoke once again to see my new little family member. I am sure my son Nick and his better half Kia will be getting tired of us very soon but too bad. We needed to get that boy in our arms.

Brian Gary, TSM

My wife gets a smile like I haven't seen in years when she thinks of him and seeing him nestled in her arms is truly priceless.

Brian Gary, TSM

Thank you for all the joy you have already brought me Nixon. We have much to do together.