Following a four-month long investigation, the Dallas Police Department has now determined that Aqib Talib was, in fact, responsible for a shooting that occurred in a Texas nightclub back in June. During the nightclub incident, Talib suffered a minor leg injury from a gunshot wound, which he initially claimed happened while standing in a park. Police unfounded Talib's park story and listed an unknown suspect on the reports, up until the investigation recently concluded. The morning after the shooting, Talib stated he was "too intoxicated" to remember exactly what had happened when he took the blow to his leg. It was determined that the bullet entered the rear of his upper right leg and exited the rear of his right calf. When the accidental shooting first occurred, Talib missed some practice and preseason games, but did not miss any regular-season time.

No legal charges will be filed against Talib, however, the NFL is reviewing the incident and league discipline is still possible. Talib's spotted history, including occurrences involving battery and another previous nightclub shooting, could definitely impact the NFL's decision to punish Denver's star cornerback. Aqib Talib has had three interceptions in the first four games so far this season, including two interceptions against Tampa Bay last Sunday, as well as a return for a touchdown in game 2 against the Colts.