..And ladies (and probably some men) are swooning even more than when Jonathan says 'renovate your downstairs' while Drew just lets that suit do the talking. 

Jason Davis/Getty Images

Is there anything these Canadian twins can't do, eh? Is there a Scott triplet living in an attic somewhere because these two came out with all the good genes (and jeans #amiright)?

We first fell in love with Jonathan and Drew Scott on their hit show, Property Brothers, by which we all got hot and bothered while watching HGTV. Sure, the Brawny paper towel guy can clean up some messes, but he's been put to shame by the way Jonathan can obliterate some asbestos in a cuffed flannel shirt.

We later found out that the Scott brothers were secretly seasoned veterans of television, with their past as entertainers and bit roles (Smallville) surfacing. OK, so they're beautiful, brainy and brawny, not to mention they can act and can lay down some hardwood like no one's business... and now they can lay down some tracks, too.

Ughhhhhh just marry me already. Either one.

Check out the Scott Brothers' 'Hold On' here. Is it that great? Doesn't matter.