If you have a bike lying around collecting dust, Realities For Children will gladly take it off your hands this weekend and put it to good use.

What's the point of tripping over the bicycles. Just let go!  Not only will you get some room back in your garage or shed, but you'll be giving it to someone who will actually ride it and love a total stranger for it.

Realities For Children will be collecting new and used bicycle donations (and helmets) for the local children they serve who have been abused, neglected or are at-risk.

Their goal for 2013 is no less than 500 bicycles, delivered, by the end of December

Of course all the used donations will be thoroughly checked be certified professionals and for safety issues and will even do minor repairs to ensure safe, fun riding for years to come.  And yes, each bike comes with a helmet for its new rider.

If you would like to donate a new or used bicycle or helmets, please take your donation to one of the following bike shops:

  • Breakaway Cycles - 2237 W. Eisenhower, Loveland
  • Lee’s Cyclery - 202 W. Laurel, Fort Collins
  • Lee’s Cyclery - 931 E. Harmony, Fort Collins
  • The Phoenix Cyclery - 1532 E. Mulberry, Suite D, Fort Collins
  • Trek Bicycle Store - 4880 Thompson Parkway, Loveland