Cold weather dictates food that sticks to your ribs, but cold weather food usually takes a long time to cook, not this recipe and it will fill so yummy to the cold weather tummy.



2 lbs of cube steak, some flour, s/p, garlic powder, 1 lg can of diced tomatoes with juice (in other words don't drain), 1 medium onion (sliced), 1 bell pepper (I prefer the yellow or orange over the green-sliced) and some oil for cooking meat, oh okay and a Tbs of butter.


Swirl some oil in a dutch oven and dance your meat in the flour, lightly coating and place into hot pan. Brown the meat on all sides and remove now add the peppers and onions with the butter and let them cook down for about 5 minutes, add the meat back in (you can cut the meat in half or even into smaller pieces if you like-there are no hard and fast rules hear) Add the diced tomatoes and cover. Simmer for an 1.5 or less, just remember the longer it simmers on low, the more tender the meat will be. (after about 40 minutes go ahead and taste it and test the meat, if it's good enough, its good enough)

Some serve this dish with rice, okay most do, but sometimes I like to make up some mashed potatoes, even just boiled potatoes-again there are no hard and fast rules here nor should there be in any recipe, unless you're baking. :)