Chris Young has a lot more on his resume than just signing, performing shows and winning 'Nashville Star.' Way back before he was the Chris Young fans know and love today, he was a young boy on an episode of 'A Walk in Your Shoes.'

Noggin, a channel now known as Nick Jr., had an original reality show called 'A Walk in Your Shoes' where they would pick two seemingly very different kids and have them trade places. Young was featured in the episode as the person he still is today, a country singer. He traded places with Naci, a rapping member of Incredible Crew.

"I like country music because I think it's the best type of music there is," a juvenile looking Young says on the show. "It's very real and it comes from the heart." He has a few choice words about the rap genre on the show -- before the life swap.

"I don't really like rap music," he says. "I don't really understand what it's all about and, you know, it's not real music anyway." He says he doesn't know any rap artists but, “I kind of get the impression that they’re unapproachable, and sometimes I get the feeling that they don’t like white people.”

Young's love for country music was as prevalent then as it now that he's a big country star. "I love country music because it's been in my family for a long time. My grandfather sang country music and so I kind of wanted to take after him."

Naci, however, didn't share Young's love for country music. "I do not like country music because usually they're singing about Betsy or Betty or something about horses or something about a farm. It's not interesting to me at all." The Noggin show had the two switch places and try to learn about life on the other side, it turned out not to be the "'hood" Young was expecting.