Jenny Harding, For TSM

The first time Risa Binder ever heard one of her songs on the radio, our boss Justin Tyler was playing it. He was working at a New Hampshire radio station at the time. Last night Risa came to the Boot Grill in Loveland for New From Nashville.

It's the classic story. She is considered a new artist, but she has been performing for a decade or more. Risa Binder's new single is called "You Haul". It's worth checking out on iTunes.

I really enjoyed Risa's set last night, including a duet with her guitar player Benji Harris and a cover of "Strawberry Wine" that had everyone in the bar singing along. I was also pleased to learn that Risa is 6 months pregnant with her 1st child.

Thanks to my lovely wife, Jenny, for taking these photos.