With the start of the NFL season about to get under way, many noticeable names will not be playing on Sunday. The question to many is, will they even find a team in the NFL or will they have to play overseas or in an Arena league.?

Despite what Skip Bayless says, does anyone really take what he has to say seriously, Tim Tebow will NOT be Tom Brady's backup in New England.  Skip, I thought you were a football guy and not a cheerleader.  I've said it a 100 times, Tim Tebow is a fantastic human being but he is not an NFL QB.  Never has been.  Tim's only chance at being successful in the NFL is to switch positions which I am all in favor of.  TE, Running Back but he will never be a QB.

Stop the Tebow pity party and move on.  There are plenty of christian athletes to cheer for, Tim is not the only man of God playing this game so let's keep it on football.  He can't play the QB position as he proved in Denver, New York and now New England.

Here are some other key cuts:

  • QB Vince Young got the boot from the Green Bay Packers
  • QB and former Heisman winner Matt Leinart was cut by the Buffalo Bills
  • QB Dennis Dixon won't be with the Philadelphia Eagles
  • O Lineman J'Marcus Webb was cut by the 'Da Bears after 3 short years
  • Linebacker Brian Banks who spent 5 years in prison out of High School on a wrongful conviction hopes to say on with the Atlanta Falcons in a different role
  • Left tackle Max Starks was cut by the San Diego Chargers
  • Fullback Michael Robinson cut by the Seattle Seahawks saving them a cool Million
  • Backup QB Jimmy Clausen cut by the Carolina Panthers