I have felt a rebirth this past year so I felt it was time to get some new ink to commemorate it. This past year has seen me loose over 110 pounds and get inducted into the Country Radio Hall of Fame so I would say this has been one of the more important years of my life and worthy of a tribute that will last a lifetime.

This weekend my daughter had an appointment with our tattoo artist Jaime Gutierrez and it got me thinking. I texted Jaime on Friday evening and told him I was thinking ink. I said I wanted an old school microphone on my left forearm with it's cord being plugged into me, like it's my lifeblood. I also wanted the letters GMG, for Good Morning Guys and the letters HOF 17, for Hall of Fame class of 2017 in there in some subtle fashion. I wanted them just kind of hidden in the piece somewhere. He texted me back in no time and showed me a draft he visioned. It was exactly what I was looking for.

  We hooked up for some early am tattooing on Sunday morning and this is what he did!

Brian Gary, TSN

You can see the HOF 17 in the bottom the microphone.

Brian Gary, TSM

The GMG is on the wire going into my wrist meaning that the GMG's are in my blood and part of me forever.

Brian Gary, TSM

Jaime also did my Viking...

Brian Gary, TSM

...and of course my famous Twinkie.

Photo by Todd Harding

I am one happy boy! Thanks Jaime!